Benefits to Contractors

C-PACE (Commercial Property Assessed Clean Energy) is a powerful financing tool that pays for a wide variety of energy-related measures in new and existing buildings and other properties. It provides an avenue for contractors to create new sales and execute large-scale projects that have long payback periods.

There are many benefits to becoming a registered contractor with VPA. Participating in the VPA C-PACE program includes:

  • More comprehensive energy projects: Presenting C-PACE as an option could motivate owners to expand on original project scopes.
  • Grow the bottom line: C-PACE creates a new line of business for companies. More projects means more cash for operations.
  • Use “OPM”: The C-PACE option means contractors do not have to utilize their own line of credit to fund projects.
  • Progress Payments: Contractors receive long term payments for installation of new energy-efficient and resilient equipment.
  • Impact: The opportunity to have a large-scale influence on growing the efficiency and adaptability of a community.

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Interested contractors and service providers (i.e. energy auditors, professional engineers, and solar developers and installers) should apply below to be a Registered Contractor.

Register as a Contractor
Registration Tutorial Video

Please contact for questions about registering as a contractor.