Support our mission!

VPA’s mission is to bring clean energy financing and economic development opportunities to private and public stakeholders in the Commonwealth of Virginia. As part of this mission, we want to support a more diverse and inclusive clean energy workforce both within VPA and as part of our educational efforts around clean energy and C-PACE financing.

We recently participated in our first ever #Giving Tuesday campaign where we raised $550 in one day to support the hiring of an intern in an underserved community in Virginia. In order to provide an adequate stipend, we are looking to raise an additional $1,500 that will be earmarked to hiring the intern for Spring 2021.  VPA will be providing this new intern with marketable skills in the increasingly important clean energy space focused on C-PACE Financing. You can check out the spotlights of one of our wonderful interns here.

Any amount, however big or small, is greatly appreciated.