The VPA C-PACE Program is an “open market” that encourages the participation of a wide variety of capital providers that meet minimum program requirements.

There are many reasons to become an approved C-PACE Capital Provider or to add C-PACE to your existing repertoire of financial products. Participating in the VPA C-PACE Program provides:

  • New Lending Product – a new, low-cost way to help customers fund needed capital improvements or construct a new building.
  • Helps contractors – a financing tool to helps them sell more energy efficiency, renewable energy, water conservation, resilient, and stormwater management projects.
  • Mitigate risk – an opportunity to fund retrofit investments that increase cash flow and property value, reduce operating expenses, and attract and retain tenants.
  • Ease of use – consistent legal structure, uniform program guidelines and standards, and a single point of contact through VPA, the Program Administrator.
  • Advocate – a vehicle for marketing your institution as an environmental advocate.

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