Local Programs

Local programs are those administered by the Virginia PACE Authority.

For localities wanting to opt-in to the Statewide PACE program, the Administrator must review and approve your ordinance before passage. This applies to both jurisdictions that are amending a prior ordinance and to those who are enabling PACE for the first time.

Existing Local Program Fee Matrix

For questions, please contact the Virginia PACE Authority.

Virginia Local Government Programs

City of Alexandria Louisa County Town of Dumfries
City of Fredericksburg
City of Norfolk
City of Roanoke
City of Winchester

Bringing C-PACE to Your Community

This webinar provided an overview of C-PACE and a step-by-step guide to implement the program in your community.

Presenters included:
Gabe Dayley – Climate Protection Program Manager, Albemarle County
Abby Johnson – President, Virginia PACE Authority
Bettina Bergoo – Energy Efficiency and Financing Programs Manager, Virginia Department of Energy
Jason Schwartzberg – President, MD Energy Advisors

There was a Question and Answer session at the end of the presentations.

Learn more about becoming part of the Virginia C-PACE Program and the impact of C-PACE:

  • watch a video of the webinar here
  • view the presentation slides for the webinar here
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